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Dear Camp Family,                                                                                                                                                                   April 28, 2020


         As you know, we are living in crazy times. Many things have had to change, be postponed, and even canceled because of COVID-19. We have spent the last month-plus praying and having many meetings trying to figure out what we as a camp need to do each step of the way.

         We and the Camp Board met Monday evening, April 27, and had a good discussion about what we need to do for the summer. The State of Illinois has put a “Stay-at-Home" Order in place now through May 31st and we know that most likely it will either be extended or will have major restrictions once lifted. We are also paying attention to bordering states’ orders as we do have people coming to camp through the summer months from every state that we border. There are many factors in getting camp prepared and ready for the summer months that we had to consider and people that plan for months ahead to make camp happen in the summer for not only kids but the leaders as well.


         It has been a difficult time trying to know what the right decision would be for the summer, but after our time with the Camp Board, we have decided that the best course of action is to keep camp closed through July 31st at this time. We did not take this decision lightly and are sad that we will not see the camp full of campers this summer, but for the safety of all who come to camp and their families, we feel this is the best choice for this summer.


         When we are ready, if you or your family would like to volunteer a day at camp, we plan to organize days that you would be able to come to spend some time at camp. If this interests you, let the camp office know, and then we can schedule a day for you or your family.

Along with the camp Board, we will continue to meet and have discussions on what this means for camp beyond July. Please know that a lot went into this decision and we plan to keep our camp family connected in new ways for this summer. We will be sending you meaningful, fun, and interactive videos for you and your family to enjoy throughout the summer.


         Many of you have expressed concern for the camp’s financial well-being without the summer flow of campers. We greatly appreciate that concern and yes, this will impact the camp’s finances. There are many things that we will not spend finances on during this time that will save the camp money, but the camp’s general fund will be affected. We have attached a link if you would like to bless the camp financially through this time. We know that the camp means so much to many and we certainly pray that the camp will be able to continue helping people grow in Christ for years to come with your help.


         We know that the ministry this camp has for so many lives is great each year and we are still here and available for anyone that would like to seek counsel or guidance during this time. I know many of our camp leaders would also be willing to be there for anyone needing help. You can contact the camp by email (, Facebook messenger, phone call, or texting (815-493-6622).


         If you have already registered your campers for camp, we will contact you individually about your refund.


Please know we will be praying for all of you and will miss you all greatly!


Love you all,

   Dan and Leslie Augenstine (Camp Managers) and the Camp Board