Rock River Christian Camp

and Retreat Center


Dan started at RRCC April 2006.  He is married to Leslie (Office Manager) and they have five girls:  Kylie, Alyssia, Natalie, Lydia, and Melanie.  He has a passion for working with his hands and serving others.  Dan loves anything sports and electronics.  He has served working with youth in Indiana and as Assistant Manger at a camp in northern Minnesota.  This is Dan's dream job!

Leslie moved to RRCC with her husband, Dan Augenstine (Camp Manager) spring 2006.  She is a very busy wife, mother of five, Office Manager, and home school teacher.  Can you say multi-tasker!  She has a passion for serving others as she often serves meals to volunteers in her house and loves doing whatever it takes to help the camp, like weed trimming while very pregnant.  Leslie loves to work with youth and also has worked in and ran the kitchen of a camp in northern Minnesota for several years.

My first visit to the camp was Saturday October 5th, 1985 with Community Church of Christ, Rock Falls, Illinois.  The Church gathered for Hobo Stew Dinner with a Biblical costume party for the kids following.  Other activities that day included camp tours, games and breaking of a Pinta.  Being the last group of the season, we placed all picnic tables inside Fireside for the winter.

1996 & 1997 saw lots of changes at RRCC.  The office, white oaks, swimming pool & basketball court were completed and canteen moved to present location.

I started volunteering in 1990.  My wife and I have attended most family camps since 1995.

If you would like to know more about the camp, just track me down and I would be more than happy to tell you more.  

Dan Augenstine - Camp Manager

Leslie Augenstine - Office Manager

Cliff Goodwin - Maintenance

Neil Reynolds - Maintenance

Marcia came to love RRCC as a youth camper. I learned how special I was to God and was baptized in the original pool. After Cliff and I had children, we made sure that RRCC was an important part of their lives. They  were baptized at RRCC. While our children were attending, that is when Cliff and Marcia learned the importance of Serving Him. Volunteering at RRCC while our children attended opens one heart and soul to realize how much God does love us. We are honored now to serve God full time at RRCC.   Psalm 121:1&2

Marcia Goodwin - Head Cook

2015 Summer Staff

Tevis Gaylord - Maintenance Coordinator Staff

My passion for camp did not come about in the most traditional of ways;  my story is a bit different. While in Jr. High School I attended my first week of camp where my youth minister was the dean. I was quick to see that this was not really my thing and something I did not care to repeat. However, my experience did not stop there.  In order to offset the cost of this week of camp I worked it off in the camps S.A.W program.  This is a program that allows campers to come in and volunteer around the camp for a week in lieu of paying for the week in full . This is where I fell in love with service and getting my hands dirty around the camp. After those weeks of volunteer work I have not looked back, I was fortunate to volunteer more of my time to the camp and later worked on the camps maintenance staff for a number of summers.. Since Jr. High my dream has always been to come back to camp, work, and see the kingdom grow.

Hannah Gaylord - Administrative Assistant/Custodian Picture1 Picture12

Hannah grew up attending camp at Lake Springfield Christian Camp in her hometown of Springfield, Illinois. After graduating high school, she worked as Summer Staff at LSCA and found that like her husband, she loves serving in camp ministry. Two years after Tevis and Hannah got married Tevis felt lead to serve and work at Rock River Christian Camp, so they packed up their bags and moved to camp. Since then Hannah has worked as Summer Staff and is now an Administrative Assistant and Custodian. She is excited to continue to serve at camp with Tevis and their son, Wesson Dee.

Chris Reynolds - Office Volunteer

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